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Development — author of the idea

Romanos Aristotelis, from St. Petersburg, comes from a family of Greeks who emigrated to Russia in the late 18th century.

He graduated from the Faculty of Philology of St. Petersburg State University, specializing in Greek Language & Literature, IT Linguistics and Medieval Greek Paleography.

He has been working in the field of software engineering and computer linguistics in the IT company Etersoft.

From 2008 to 2019, he was in Greece on the Holy Mountain of Athos studying Greek medieval musical manuscripts and literature, the living mystical monastic chant tradition and ascetic spiritual monastic life.

In 2021 he enrolled at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki in the Department of Music to implement informative and therapeutic ideas in scientific research.


Professor — scientific supervisor of the project

Dr. Georgios Patronas.

He is a music educator, Chanting Interpreter and Researcher. He teaches at the Department of Music Science and Art of the University of Macedonia (Greece-Thessaloniki) as a member of the SPD «Teaching in Byzantine music with emphasis on execution». He has completed undergraduate and postgraduate studies abroad in Music Education and Didactics in Piano and Ensemble. He completed his doctoral studies at the University of Macedonia in the direction of the Didactic Music. His postdoctoral research was: The Kekragaria of Jacob Protopsalt ― Interpretation and performance ― Didactic approach. He did additional special studies in «Theory of Music Learning and Teaching». He is the Chief musician of the Byzantine choir «Euromoundes», Protopsalt of the Church of St. Therapontos K. Toumbas of Thessaloniki, Artistic Director of St. Therapon’s Music Lab in Kato-Toumba and the Orchestra of Greek Music.