Ambassador of the East land

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East land

In this land are published and discussed melodies and chants of the so-called «Byzantine singing» or otherwise: chants of ancient Church, «East patristical singing», the Greek, East-Slavic and Arab singing​, east embodiment in a sound of the heavenly song.

Presented in the monuments which are written down by the Byzantine notation since 10th century.

Octoechos, the Parakletike - Anastasimatarion 🖥 Typesetting of notations
🗻 Hagioritic Horologium 🕯 in Swahili language
🗻 Hagioritic Celebrations 🕯 in Georgian language
📕 Stiheraria - collections of canticles «στιχηρὰ» 🕯 in Slavonic language
📗 Hirmologia - collections of canticles «εἰρμοὶ» and «προσόμοια» 🕯 in English language
📕 Papadike - collections of permanent canticles with extensive melody and chant anthologies 🔬 Learn to chant
📙 Chant Monuments in ancient notation

Examples of sacred melodies of East land: